Appraisal Forms

Price quotes available upon request

** Additional fees may be assessed based on mileage & complexity for rural properties.


FHA Appraisal*
FHA (CIR) Final Inspection

Conventional Appraisal*
Conventional (442) Final Inspection

Manufactured Home 1004C form*

Drive-by Form 2055 “Exterior Inspection”

Drive-by Form 2070 “Exterior Inspection”
Drive-by Form 2075 “Exterior Inspection”

Field Review
Desk Review
Enhanced Desk Review (2 comps)
Enhanced Field Review
REO Addendum

Multi-Family Conventional Appraisals

Owner Occupied & Non-Owner Occupied (includes rent schedule & net operating income statement)

Single Family, Form “1004” with 1007 & 216

2-4 Multi Family Appraisals

Tri-Plex/Four-Plex, Form “1025”

2055 w/rent schedule S.F.R.

Form 1007 and 216 w/ scope of work

Land Appraisal*